The Cheese Plate PDX

The Cheese Plate PDX was open from July 2012-August 2015 and has now closed so the owners can open a plant-based restaurant/deli Of Roots and Blooms.

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chef nick

Chef/Owner Nick Dickison doing what he does best (besides cooking like a champ and being the best papa ever): Looking good.

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We are committed to offering you the best we can get our grubby little mitts on. While we love being clever and creative we love supporting others even more. We make much of what we offer from scratch but we also feel it is important to support local businesses who are the best at what they do. The local products we offer are not only delicious and inspired; they are also produced by some of Portland's finest individuals. Get to know the products you love. Behind them are often people you'll love as well.

our cart

One customer called our cart a "gypsy caravan." We like that. It's a rustic cabin on wheels.

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Having known carina for 15+ years (I tasted a bunch of it too) I can tell you for certain that this is some of the most thoughtfully created and inspired food you will have the opportunity to consume. ~Jennifer Waryas, Designer